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包头土默特右旗人民医院泌尿系统在线咨询包头九州医院做人流好吗西方人将酒大致分成三类:1. liquor 烈酒,包括brandy 白兰地、whiskey 威士忌、vodka 伏特加、tequila 龙舌兰等;2. beer 啤酒;3. wine 葡萄酒和水果酒。除此之外,还有cocktail 鸡尾酒、mixed drink 调酒、liqueur利口酒(具甜味而芳香的烈酒)。好朋友一起喝酒,往往未动筷吃菜就先干三杯,"Cheers"之声不绝于耳,而且必须Bottoms up(干杯,杯底不要养金鱼)。“干杯”还有其他的英文说法,Let's make a toast.是其中一个。据说,从前人们在喝酒的时候,为了加重酒味,会在杯子里放一小片土司,而这就是这句话的由来。英文中喝酒喝很多的人是heavy drinkers(酒鬼,就像把瘾君子叫做heavy smokers一样),而形容一个人喝很多酒、很会喝酒则是drink like a fish,即牛饮、海量。喜欢喝酒的人不仅自己喝,也喜欢劝别人喝。劝酒就是强迫别人喝酒,英文叫做force others to drink。但是,如果是跟外国人一起喝酒的场合,这一点必须小心为好。Drinking Alcohol the Wrong Way 饮酒礼仪Where It's Offensive: Latin America, France, South Korea, Russia. 禁忌地:拉丁美洲、法国、韩国、俄罗斯What's Offensive: Every culture has different traditions when it comes to drinking etiquette. Fail to consume a vodka shot in one gulp in Russia, and your host will not be impressed. Refill your own wine glass in France without offering more to the rest of the table, and you've made a faux pas. In South Korea, women can pour only men's drinks--not other women's--and if you want a refill, you need to drain your glass. And if you're in Latin America, never pour with your left hand--that's bad luck.不同文化的饮酒礼仪也迥异。在俄罗斯,你若不能一口喝完杯中的伏特加酒,主人就会很不满意。而在法国,只给自己添酒而不顾及同桌的其他客人,会被看作失礼。在韩国,女性只能给男性倒酒——不能为其他女性倒酒——如果你想添酒,要先把杯里的酒喝干。在拉丁美洲,千万不要用左手倒酒——那会带来坏运气。What You Should Do Instead: Until you're culturally fluent, leave it to your pals to pour.对策:除非你对当地文化了如指掌,倒酒这种活儿还是留给你的同伴吧! /200907/78110鄂尔多斯泌尿科咨询 咖啡豆的命名是以三大类来做依据:1.咖啡豆的产国;2.咖啡豆的生产地;3.咖啡豆的出口港。以生产国命名的咖啡豆略为人熟知的像是巴西(Brazil)、哥伦比亚(Colombia)、墨西哥(Mexico)、祕鲁(Peru)、瓜地马拉(Guatemala) 、牙买加、(Jamaica)、肯亚(Kenya)、海地(Haiti)、印尼(Indonesia)、象牙海岸(Cote D'ivoire)、越南(Viet Nam)等等...以生产地命名的,像是蓝山(Blue Mountain)、夏威夷(Hawaii)、安地斯山(Andes Mountain)、卡.马塔里(Mocha Mattari)、吉力马札罗(Kilimanjaro)、卡.哈拉(Mocha Harrar)、安提瓜(Antigua)...以出口港命名的像是曼特宁(Mandheling)、卡(Mocha)、圣多斯(Santos)...以上都是咖啡豆种类的命名方式,由于每个地方的地理环境不同,才会导致咖啡外型和味道香气特性各有本身的特色。Chemicals and toxins enter our bodies easily either by being inhaled from the air we breathe, absorbed via our skin or ingested through our food and water supplies. They quietly and some times not so quietly build up inside our bodies lodging in our organs, bones and blood stream greatly effecting our health and well being over time. In fact the world health organization says that 90% of disease can be connected to toxins within our environment.We are now being alerted through research and case studies that many items we have bought and used in our homes over the years are not as safe as we may once have thought. For over twenty years I have been extremely mindful of reducing the amounts of chemicals and toxins that my family are being exposed too. I’ve made some perceived radical decisions over the years such as not immunizing my children due to the mercury content in the immunization fluid given to babies. A choice that today, I am so thankful for.Petroleum is used to make plastic:Plastics are one man made product that I am aiming to eliminate as much as possible from our family home particularly in the kitchen and school lunches. Don’t just take my word for it though. Visit a wonderful site by the environmental working group. It collects and gathers information and case studies about the toxicity on our planet and presents the information so you can be informed and make your own healthy living choices. I will however share a few facts with you.Petroleum is used to make plastics. In fact 16% of the 20,730,000 barrels of oil used by the US each day goes to making plastic and other materials. (source Wikipedia). That fact alone scares me as we store so much of our food and drinks in plastic. Plastics can leach many extremely harmful toxins such as BPA or bisphenol A which is getting allot of press at the moment particularly in relation to babies bottles and tinned formula. Tiffany over at Nature Moms last year wrote about some recent research and suggests some alternatives for baby bottles.If you are keen to save some money this year, help our planet out, reduce toxins and chemicals from your personal living space and go a little greener then a great place to start is with your kitchen bench and cupboards.Six simple things you can do right now to detox your kitchen benches and cupboards:The main focus with these six suggestions is to switch a plastic product for a greener more eco-friendly option.1. Use a wooden or bamboo chopping board:My preferred option is a bamboo chopping board. The beauty of bamboo is that is grows rapidly much better than chopping down trees which take years to grow. Bamboo is an ecologically attractive alternative. It absorbs very little moisture and will not shrink or swell. Surprisingly, it is also harder that most woods, making it a superior material for use in cutting. The best part is one side can be used for cutting and the other for serving.2. Switch from a plastic kettle to stainless steel:I’ve opted for a stainless steel kettle which may not be as pretty looking as the colourful and cheaper plastic kettles but its a health choice I am very happy with.3. Use glass baby bottlesThis is particularly important one for mothers with young children or anyone about to have children. Plastic baby bottles have been the popular choice of mothers for many years. Now with recent research ( Tiffany’s article at Nature Mom) there is enough evidence to suggest that going back to glass bottles is the safer and healthier alternate. Environmental working group also have many case studies for further research regarding baby bottles and the containers in which the formula is packed in.4. Switch your plastic storage containers to glass:This takes a little while to switch all of your plastic storage containers over to ceramic, glass or stainless steel but its definitely worthwhile. Glass is obviously a wiser choice for the planet as it can easily be recycled and does not take hundreds of years to break down like plastic.5. Save money and the planet by cleaning with natural products:All purpose cleaner:One part vinegar ( a natural deodorizer) to one part water into a spray bottle. Use to wipe clean benches and surfaces. I also add eucalyptus essential oil, tea tree oil or sometimes lavender. Tea tree oil is well known for its antibacterial properties and ability to kill bacteria along with eucalyptusStubborn stains:3 parts baking soda and one part water to make paste. Sp paste onto stain on bench and leave for one to two hoursUse eco-friendly cotton cleaning cloths and dry in sun to disinfect.Use lemon juice dissolve soap scum and hard water6. Swap your cooking utensils over to bamboo or stainless steel:The beauty of natural bamboo cooking utensils is that there are no artificial colours or coatings which can leach into your foods. Your rolling pin, BBQ utensils, mixing bowls and kitchen cooking utensils can all be swapped over to the natural, eco-friendly, very durable bamboo versions. You can easily buy your bamboo products at an Asian store or on-line. I personally have not bought any on-line but if anyone can recommend an on-line bamboo store that I can pass onto my ers I would be very grateful. 化学品和毒素很容易就能通过我们吸入的空气,我们的肌肤,食物和水源进入我们的体内。随着时间的推移,它们会悄悄地或者有时甚至不那么安静地在我们体内慢慢积聚。同时,它们会进入我们的器官,骨骼,和血液。最后,极大地影响我们的健康和幸福。事实上,根据世界卫生组织的调查表明,90%的疾病都与我们周围环境中的毒素有关。很多研究与事实告诉我们,这些年以来我们家里购买的以及正在使用的商品并不像我们想的那么安全可靠。在过去二十年里,我一直很尽量地减少我家人接触的化学品和有毒物质。这些年来我自下意识地采取一些措施切断毒源。例如,不让我的孩子进行免疫接种,因为疫苗药液里含有汞。这个决定到今天我还深怀感激。塑料是用石油来制造的我一直希望我们能够停止在家里,特别是在厨房以及校园食堂使用塑料。我是认真的,并不是随口说说。进这个出色的网站环境工作小组看一下。它收集和积累我们这个地球上有关的毒性的资料和案例研究。让您可以了解自己的健康状况并作出自己的健康生活的选择。现在,我就先给你们提供一些相关信息。塑料是用石油来制造的.事实上,美国每天使用的20,730,000 桶的石油中,有16%是用来做塑料或其它产品的(来源 Wikipedia). 这让我不得不担心我们用来储存那么多食品与饮料的塑料。塑料可以分解出毒性很强的毒素 例如双酚A 。而目前婴而瓶装或者罐装食品使用的塑料正是包含这种毒素。双酚A蒂芬尼在自然妈妈上发布了一些有关这方面的调查研究并且给正在使用婴儿瓶的人提出一些建议和警告。如果你想今年尽量多节省一些钱;想为我们的人类家园做点贡献;想减少你生活中的毒素和化学药品;想你的家更清洁。那你首先就要从你厨房的工作台和橱柜开始做起。你现在就可以用下面六种简单的方法来给你的厨房工作台和橱柜进行消毒。1.使用木制或竹制的砧板我比较喜欢的是竹制的砧板。竹子的优势在于它不仅长得快,而且质量比那些需要多年才能生长的木材的质量要好。从生态学的角度学看,竹子是个不错的替代资源。它水分少,既不会收缩也不会膨胀。令人惊奇的是虽然它比其它很多木材都要硬因此砍伐工人的首选目标。竹子最好的地方人们可以砍下它们一部分,留剩下的那一部份继续生长。2.把塑料水壶换成不锈钢水壶虽然不锈钢水壶没有色斑斓的水壶塑料那么好看,我还是选择它。因为它是为我的健康作的选择。3.给婴儿使用玻璃瓶这条对孩子年纪还小的妈妈们和那些将要生孩子的妇女来说尤其重要。很多年来,很多母亲一直喜欢使用塑料瓶。根据最近的一项研究(蒂芬尼在〈自然母亲〉的一篇文章) 表明:母亲们使用玻璃会使孩子更加安全和健康。环境工作小组网站还有有关盛放婴儿食品的婴儿瓶和容器这一方面更深入的研究。4.把你的塑料存储容器换成玻璃存储容器把你所有的塑料存储容器换成陶瓷的,玻璃的,或者不锈钢的你会浪费你一点时间。但这绝对是值得的。显而易见,使用玻璃对地球来说是最明智的选择。因为玻璃很容易就能回收利用,而不是像塑料那样要上百年才能分解。5. 用天然产物来省钱和拯救地球最后的清洁剂:用一些醋(天然除臭剂)混合一些水倒进喷雾器。用它可以把工作台和桌面擦干净。我有时会加一些,茶树油,熏衣草。众所周知,茶树油和桉树精油混合在一起能够杀灭细菌。顽固污渍:用3/4碳酸氢钠和1/4的清水混合成糊。把它洒在台面的顽固污渍上,一到两个小时后,把环保的擦拭棉布放到大阳下消毒后,加入柠檬汁去溶解皂垢和硬水。6.把您的炊具换成竹制的或不锈钢的:使用天然炊具的好就好在它不会有任何人工颜料或涂料溶解到你的食物里面您的擀面棍,烧烤用具,多功能碗和厨房炊具完全可以用天然的,环保的,和长久耐用的竹制品来替换。你可以很方便地就能在亚洲人开的商店和网上买到以竹子为原材料的产品。我自己还没有在网上购买过这些东西。不过要是哪位能够提供此类网上竹制品商店的话,我将会感激不尽。并把这些网站推荐给读者。 /200806/42662巴彦淖尔人民医院在那儿

包头九州妇科医院做体检多少钱包头医学院第一附属医院妇科 Women will choose "China's Top 10 Best Men of the Times" in China.Wealth, knowledge and looks are no longer the only key factors that make a man in China. Because if a man wants to win the hearts of women he has to respect them and believe ingender equality.Perhaps for the first time in the country women will choose "China's Top 10 Best Men of the Times" between December and April.The exercise is aimed at promoting gender equality through men's participation."Any Chinese man above the age of 18 who respects and cares about women and is willing to shoulder family responsibilities equally can be part of the competition," China Women's News editor-in-chief Lu Xiaofei said yesterday. China Women's News is one of the nine women-centered papers organizing the event."Also, he should have made efforts to promote gender equality and should not have any record of domestic violence."The competition evaluating a man's achievement by the way he treats women is a creative way to achieve gender equity, a director of Woman's Studies Institute of China, Xiao Yang, said. Gender inequality can't end without men's participation.In China, men hold most of the resources. Therefore, it is very crucial to have men to be part of gender equality projects.For instance, in rural areas, 80 to 90 percent women suffer from genital infection. But despite efforts to treat them, the situation has not improved.Only by making more men aware of the importance of safe and hygienic sex can the treatment be made to work, Xiao said.The first selection will be held in eight cities, including Changsha, Dalian and Taiyuan.The final 30 candidates' profiles will be published on a website on Women's Day on March 8. The winners will be declared in April.财富、知识和长相再也不是评判一个优秀男人的“唯一”标准。因为,如果一个男人想要赢得女人的心,他首先必须得尊重女性、而且要具备“男女平等”的意识。“中国十佳时代男性”评选活动于去年12月拉开帷幕,并将持续至今年四月,这可能是我国首例由女性来评选十佳男性的活动。此项评选旨在通过男性的参与来促进我国的性别平等。此次活动由《中国妇女报》等九家女性刊物联合举办。《中国妇女报》总编卢小飞昨天说:“参加评选的男性必须在18岁以上,而且要尊重关爱女性、平等分担家庭责任。”“此外,参赛的男性必须要为促进男女平等做出过努力,而且不能有家庭暴力的记录。”中国妇女研究所的肖扬主任说,此项评选用“如何对待女性”为标准来评判一个男性的成就,这是促进男女平等的一条“独创之道”。只有通过男性的参与才能解决男女不平等的问题。在中国,男性占有大部分社会资源。因此,让男性参与到促进男女平等的事业中来十分重要。比如,我国农村地区有80%至90%的女性患有生殖系统感染疾病,尽管这些女性接受了医治,但整体情况仍没有好转。肖主任说,只有让男性认识到安全、卫生性生活的重要性,治疗才能起作用。此项活动的初选将在长沙、大连和太原等八个城市进行。推选出的30名候选人将于“三八妇女节”当天在网站上公布。最终的“十佳”名单将于今年四月公布。Vocabulary: gender equality : 性别平等;男女平等 /200809/47530包头割包皮医院哪里好

包头青山区人民医院治疗阳痿价格墨西哥成全球第二大肥胖国Fueled by the rising popularity of soft drinks and fast-food restaurants, Mexico has become the second fattest nation in the world. Mexican health officials say it could surpass the US as the most obese country within 10 years if trends continue.More than 71 percent of Mexican women and 66 percent of Mexican men are overweight, according to the latest national surveys.With diabetes now Mexico's leading cause of death, activists and leaders hope to renew efforts to crack down on junk food and other fatty-food consumption and encourage citizens to exercise more. But it will be a tough battle, as industry groups are expected to put up a fight.No one knows better the country's affection for fattening foods than Lidia Garcia Garduno , who's run a fruit stand in central Mexico City for the past 10 years."People don't eat right anymore," said Garcia Garduno "Instead of coming here and purchasing a fruit drink, they prefer to walk across the street and buy fried pork chops. That's why so many Mexicans are obese."In 1989, fewer than 10 percent of Mexican adults were overweight. No one in the country even talked about obesity back then, said Barry Popkin , a University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill professor who studies global weight gain. Experts were too concerned with poverty and hunger."It certainly snuck up on them," said Popkin, who's working with the Mexican health ministry to develop strategies to address obesity throughout the country. " Mexico has probably had the most rapid increase of obesity in the last 15 years."Mexican Health Secretary Jose Cordova , who launched a new health campaign Feb. 25 , agrees: "We have to put the brakes on this obesity problem." 由于软饮料和快餐厅越来越受欢迎,墨西哥目前已成为全球第二大肥胖国家。墨西哥的卫生官员们称,如果这一趋势持续下去,墨西哥将在十年内赶超美国,成为第一大肥胖国。据墨西哥全国范围内的最新调查结果显示,超过71%的女性和66%的男性体重超标。目前,糖尿病是墨西哥的第一大死亡原因。社会活动家和权威人士希望相关部门能继续努力,抵制垃圾食品和其它高脂肪食品,并鼓励人们多锻炼身体。但由于一些行业组织会出面抗议,这注定是一场“攻坚战”。说到墨西哥人对于增肥食品的喜爱,没有人比利迪娅#8226;加西娅#8226;加杜诺体会更深。利迪娅在墨西哥中部的墨西哥城经营一家水果店已有十年之久。加西娅#8226;加杜诺说:“人们的饮食越来越不健康。现在到我这来买果汁饮料的人越来越少,都跑到街对面的快餐店去买炸猪排去了。这就是为什么这么多墨西哥人面临肥胖问题的原因了。”据北卡罗莱那大学查伯尔山分校全球肥胖问题专家巴里#8226;波普金教授介绍,1989年,墨西哥仅有不到10%的成年人体重超标。那时甚至没人谈论肥胖问题。专家们都一门心思地去想如何解决贫穷和饥饿问题。“他们没想到肥胖问题也随即而来。”波普金教授目前正与墨西哥卫生部合作,制订解决全国范围肥胖问题的战略。他说:“在过去15年中,墨西哥可能是肥胖率增长最快的国家。”墨西哥卫生部部长约塞#8226;科多瓦于上月25日启动了一项新的健康计划。他也认为,“控制肥胖势在必行。” /200803/32582 An Important tip! ''Tipping', gratuity or 'service' is handled very differently in the UK and America. It's important to get this right when you visit each place as it can affect whether the staff in bars, cafe, restaurant, hotels, hairdressers, and the drivers of taxis or buses think that you are lovely, rude, strange, or whether they chase you down the street! In the UK... In the UK the reason for tipping is to show that you really liked the service. In the UK we have a high minimum wage, and no-one can be paid below this amount for any work, so when you tip, it is mainly showing politeness to the service person, and to acknowledge that they did an excellent job. You can tip more or less depending on how good you thought the service was, and the average tip is around 10-20%. So if you loved your new 50 pound haircut, you should add another 5-10 pounds onto your bill, and this will go directly to the hairdresser! If you didn't like the service, don't tip! This is the case even if 'service' has been added to your bill. If you didn't like the service, you can always refuse to pay. Or if you are a student, traveller on a budget, or simply can't afford to, it's also ok not to spend the extra money.In the US... In the US, you will often hear 'tips' called 'service'. It is essential to tip in the US, because the waitresses, bar staff, maitre'd's in these industrys are paid a low wage which they cannot afford to live on, and therefore your tip is much needed by them. It is actually part of the payment that you make and very often is not optional! Especially in restaurants, if you do not pay the service, you have not paid your entire bill, so watch out! /201108/147751包头土默特右旗治疗便血多少钱内蒙古科技大学第一附属医院治疗前列腺炎价格



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