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This month, the European Parliament voted in favour of a resolution to create a new ethical-legal framework for robots. The Commission does not have to follow the parliament’s recommendations, but if it refuses it will have to explain why.欧洲议会(European Parliament)本月通过一项决议,其内容是建立针对机器人的新的伦理-法律框架。欧盟委员会不必遵循前者的建议,但如果拒绝,它必须解释原因。The basic idea is reasonable. Today, we spend increasing amounts of time in the infosphere. In this digital ocean, robots are the real natives: we scuba dive, they are like fish. Robots of all kinds will multiply and proliferate, making the infosphere even more their own element. Add artificial intelligence, smartphones, cloud computing, big data, machine learning and the internet of things, and it becomes obvious that there is no time to waste.基本理念是合理的。当今,我们在信息空间花费的时间日益增多。在这个数字海洋里,机器人才是真正的本地人:我们戴着水肺潜水,而它们就像鱼一样。各种各样的机器人将会迅速增加和繁殖,使信息空间在更大程度上成为它们如鱼得水的环境。再加上人工智能、智能手机、云计算、大数据、机器学习和物联网,显然没有时间可以浪费了。We are laying down foundations for the mature information societies of the near future, so we need new ethical frameworks to determine which forms of artificial agency we are happy to see flourishing in them. Against this background, the EU’s initiative provokes mixed feelings: excitement at the aspiration but disappointment at the implementation. There is too much fantasy and too little realism.我们正在为不久的将来的成熟信息社会奠定基础,因此我们需要新的伦理框架来确定:我们乐于看到什么形式的人工能动性在那样的社会绽放?在这样的背景下,欧盟的倡议让人喜忧参半:既有对抱负的激动,也有对实施的失望。幻想太多,现实太少。Consider two key issues: jobs and responsibilities. Robots replace human workers. Retraining unemployed people was never easy, but it is more challenging now that technological disruption is sping so rapidly, widely and unpredictably. There will be many new forms of employment in other corners of the infosphere — think of how many people have opened virtual shops on eBay. But new and different skills will be needed. More education and a universal basic income may mitigate the impact of robotics on the labour market.想想两个关键问题:工作岗位和责任。机器人取代人类劳动者。重新培训失业人员从来都不是一件容易的事情,而随着科技造成的扰乱如此迅速蔓延、影响广泛和不可预测,这变得更具挑战性。在信息空间的其他角落将出现许多新的就业形式——想想有多少人在eBay上开了虚拟商店。但人们将需要新的、不同的技能。增加教育机会和实行全民基本收入或许可以缓解机器人对劳动市场的影响。Society will need more resources. Unfortunately, robots do not pay taxes. And more profitable companies are unlikely to pay enough extra taxes to compensate for the loss of revenues. So robots cause a higher demand for taxpayers’ money and a lower supply of it.社会将需要更多资源。遗憾的是,机器人不交税。而比较盈利的企业不太可能缴纳足够多的额外税款来补偿财政收入的损失。也就是说,机器人带来对纳税人资金的更高需求,却也带来更少的税收收入。How can one get out of this tailspin? The report correctly identifies the problem. But its original recommendation of a robo tax on companies that employ robots — a proposal that did not survive into the final text approved the parliament — may not be feasible, for what counts as a robot? It may also work as a disincentive to innovation.如何摆脱这种困境?该报告正确地界定了这个难题。但其原本提出的方案(对使用机器人的企业征收“机器人税”;该提案未能进入议会通过的最终文本)或许并不可行,因为什么才算机器人呢?这还可能阻碍创新。And where should we allocate legal responsibilities? If my robot breaks my neighbour’s window, who is responsible? The company who produced it, the shop who sold it, I the owner, or the robot itself — if it has become completely autonomous through a learning process, capable of intelligent action? The report suggests a “specific legal status” for more advanced robots, as “electronic persons responsible for making good any damage they may cause”, which has been approved in the final document. So companies may not pay a robo tax and may not even be liable for some kinds of robots. This is a mistake.此外,我们如何分配法律责任?如果我的机器人打破了我邻居的窗户,谁该为此负责?生产这台机器人的公司、销售这台机器人的商店、我这个所有者、还是机器人自己——如果它通过学习过程,变得完全自主,能够做出智能行动?报告建议,对比较先进的机器人赋予一种“特殊的法律地位”,将它们视为“有责任赔偿它们可能引起的任何损失的电子人”,这一点在最终的文件得到认可。这样一来,企业或许无需缴纳机器人税,甚至可能无需对某些机器人承担赔偿责任。这是一个错误。There is no need to adopt science fiction solutions to solve practical problems of legal liability. Jurisprudence aly provides a solution.没必要用科幻小说里的解决方案来解决法律责任归属的实际问题。法理学已经提供了一个解决方案。If robots become as good as human agents — think of the droids in Star Wars — we can adapt rules as old as Roman law, in which the owner of enslaved persons is responsible for any damage. As the Romans knew, attributing some kind of legal personality to robots (or slaves) would relieve those who should control them of their responsibilities. And how would rights be attributed? Do robots have the right to own data? Should they be “liberated”?如果机器人变得像人类行为人一样优秀——想想《星球大战》(Star Wars)里的机器人——那么我们可以借鉴罗马法这样的古老规则。罗马法规定奴隶的主人要对奴隶造成的任何损坏负责。正如罗马人看到的,将某种法律人格赋予机器人(或者奴隶)会让那些应该控制它们(他们)的人逃脱责任。而且,权利又该如何归属?机器人有权利拥有数据吗?它们应该被“解放”吗?It may be fun to speculate about such questions, but it is also distracting and irresponsible, given the pressing issues at hand. We are stuck in the wrong conceptual framework. The debate is not about robots but about us, and the kind of infosphere we want to create. We need less science fiction and more philosophy.围绕这些问题进行猜测也许很有趣,但考虑到当前面临的迫切问题,这也是让人分心和不负责任的。我们陷入了错误的概念框架。这场辩论与机器人无关,而与我们有关,与我们想要创建什么样的信息空间有关。我们需要少一些科幻小说,多一些哲学。 /201702/494584。

Question:How advanced are Chinese high-speed rail trains?问题:中国高铁有多先进?Answered by Robin Daverman(upvote|3.3k):罗宾#8226;达韦尔曼的回答:The Chinese high-speed rails have a quality all on its own, because it’s so massive. There are more than twice as many high-speed trains in China as the rest of the world combined. The picture below is an early morning photo at the train station of a second-tier city in China.中国高铁之所以有如此高的质量完全是因为中国高铁本身的体量,因为中国高铁系统太庞大了。中国高铁的数量比世界其他国家高铁总数的两倍还要多。下面的图片展示了中国一个二线城市的火车站清晨的图景。Tier 1 cities like Beijing have a couple hundred high-speed trains stopping at the city every day.一线城市比如北京每天有两百多列高铁停靠。And the Chinese Spring Festival is just a mad house - an estimated 3 billion person/trips take place within a 2-week window. It would be the equivalent of every American taking 10 trips during Christmas, or every European taking 5 trips during Christmas. All the train tickets are gone within like 10 seconds after they become available.中国春节期间简直就是车如流水马如龙,据估计在春节期间两周的窗口期内共发送旅客30亿人次。这相当于所有美国人在圣诞节期间每人搭乘10趟火车,或者相当于所有欧洲人在圣诞节期间每人搭乘5趟火车。春节期间所有的火车票在开售10分钟内就全部被抢完。The Chinese high-speed rail system made 1.5 billion trips last year, growing 30% a year. It’s just absolutely massive!中国高铁系统去年发送旅客15亿人次,一年之内增长30%。这规模简直就是丧心病狂的庞大!The fact that this 3 billion person/trips can happen in 2 weeks in the first place demonstrates the infrastructure is some human wonder. In my adopted home country Sweden with less than 10 million people, due to poor management and evasion of responsibility etc, as soon as it snows a little bit trains get cancelled or delayed for hours. I once had to travel 3 hours by train to the airport, the train came 3 hours too late and I almost missed my flight! Our minister of transportation once outrageously claimed “people can celebrate Christmas another day”! This will never happen in China. No Chinese official dares to utter these words. Why the elected officials of a “democratic” country take less responsibility towards the public than officials of a “dictator” country is beyond normal people’s comprehension.首先,光“在春节期间两周的窗口期内共发送旅客30亿人次”这一点上,就明了中国的基础设施在某种程度上简直就是人类奇迹。在我的第二故乡瑞典,人口不到一千万,由于管理不善和逃避责任等等问题,一到刚下了一点儿小雪的时候,火车就取消或者推迟几个小时。我曾经有一次坐了3个小时火车才赶到机场,最后火车还是晚到了3个小时之久,让我差点没赶上航班!我们的交通部长曾经有一次极其离谱地讲“人们可以改一天再庆祝圣诞节”!这种事情绝不可能发生在中国。没有一个中国政府官员敢说出这样的话。为什么在一个“民主”国家里,一群被选举出来的官员,对公众如此不负责任,比起一个“独菜”国家的官员都不如,这完全超出了一个正常人能理解的范围。China is definitely not a democratic country but also not ruling under a dictature system. actually, this country executes by meritocracy at all levels. these political leaders are, of course not elected by its people but also not nominated by leaders. To become an official in the bureaucracy, those candidates get to pass several examinations and interviews, most eliminated in the process and only 3–5% may get offers. All government employees will be scored based on their performance at the end of year中国确实不是一个民主国家,但是同时也不是一个独菜体制统治之下的国家。实际上,这个国家在各个层面上实行精英体制。这些政治领导层当然不是由民众直接选举出来的,但是也不是由领导层直接任命的。要成为官僚体系中的一员,这些申请人必须通过几轮笔试和面试,在这个过程中,只有3%到5%的最优秀的人在可以进入体制。所有的政府雇员在年终都必须基于他们的表现进行考核。I feel like the infrastructure was created by need. Not sure about the need in Sweden, but if the growth in public transportation does not supplement the need of it, then there really is no point in creating so much. However, it’s also true that if the public transportation becomes so advanced that there is no more need for cars anyway, more people will opt for the public transportation in the first place.我感觉基础设施是由需求创造出来的。而在瑞典这种需求不明确,但是如果公共交通的增长没有相对应的需求,那么建造如此多的基础设施就毫无意义了。然而,同样有道理的是,如果公共交通变得非常先进,以致于人们不再对汽车有更多的需求,那么更多的人们就会首选公共交通了。 /201702/491527。

B News – South Korea is a very traditional society which is changing rapidly. It has moved from a dirt poor, agricultural country to one of the world#39;s most prosperous industrial societies in a few decades, a process which took Europe more than a century.B新闻 – 韩国是个日新月异却非常传统的社会。几十年间,它从一个赤贫的农业国家发展成了世界最繁荣的工业社会之一,这个进程,用了欧洲一个多世纪。Hence, there are contradictions: South Korean women are highly groomed and made-up. They meet conventional male expectations. Plastic surgery is routine. Old attitudes and expectations clash with new ones.因此,就产生了矛盾:韩国女性仪容整洁,妆容精致。她们迎合传统的男性期望。整容是家常便饭。新旧态度和期望产生了冲突。South Korean feminist groups are unanimous in criticising the entertainment industry for what they say is the over-sexualisation of young girls (lolitafication), particularly in K-Pop groups.韩国女权组织在批评它们所谓的业,特别是韩流团体中年轻女孩过度性感化(洛丽塔化)时是一致的。Megalia is one of the feminist groups confronting what its members say is hypocrisy. For example, the group highlights, very publicly, the practice of some Korean men having affairs with prostitutes while on business trips abroad.麦格利亚是勇于直面其成员所说的伪善行为的女权组织之一。例如,该组织非常公开地披露过一些韩国男人在国外出差时与有染的做法。In the ed States, there have been allegations that gaming is played sometimes by men who exhibit a deep and aggressive sexism. That sexism feeds off images of ;sexually exaggerated; women on screen.在美国,一直有指控称游戏有时是那些表现出很深的激进的性别歧视的男人在玩。这种性别歧视寄生在屏幕上“性夸张”的女性形象上。The thought that one of the characters in the Korean game ;Closers; should be voiced by someone who might wear a T-shirt with a feminist slogan was just too much for some. The company agreed. The actress#39; voice will not be heard in the game. In the real world, though, silencing feminist voices is harder.那种认为韩国游戏“封印者”中的角色之一应当由某个穿着印有女权主义口号的T恤的人来配音的想法,对某些人来说简直无法忍受。游戏开发公司同意了。游戏中将听不到这位女演员的声音。但在现实世界中,压制住女权主义者的声音可要难得多。 /201608/461929。

Samsung Group, South Korea#39;s largest business conglomerate, last Tuesday announced a set of plans to revamp the group#39;s management, including the abolition of its key future strategy office.韩国最大企业集团三星于上周二宣布了一系列计划来改革该公司的管理,包括废除其关键的未来战略室。The announcement came shortly after special prosecutors investigating a presidential influence-peddling scandal said they will indict Samsung#39;s de facto chief, Lee Jae-yong, on bribery, embezzlement and other charges in connection with the scandal that led to the impeachment of President Park Geun-hye.在这份声明之前不久,调查总统朴槿惠以权谋私丑闻的特别检察官曾宣布将起诉三星实际掌门人李在镕,控告其涉嫌贿赂、贪污以及其他和总统朴槿惠被弹劾丑闻相关的罪名。Under the plans, Samsung affiliates will independently make their own business decisions throughout their board meetings.在该计划下,三星子公司将独立,并通过自己的董事会做出自己的商业决定。Samsung Group Vice Chairman Choi Gee-sung and President Chang Choong-ki, who led the future strategy office, resigned, Samsung said.据三星方面表示,集团副董崔志成以及领导未来战略室的三星总裁张忠基都已辞职。The office consisted of some 200 elite officials who were picked from Samsung affiliates.未来战略室由200多名精英组成,他们都来自三星的各个子公司。One of the office#39;s main tasks is to deal with government affairs, making it vulnerable to what critics say are cozy ties with the government.未来战略室的主要任务之一便是处理政府事务,许多批评人士都对该部门和政府的良好关系进行了指责。With the future strategy office being abolished, a personnel reshuffle of top executives would be conducted by each affiliate#39;s board of directors. The group#39;s official website and blog sites will be closed, Samsung officials said.据三星官方人士透露,随着未来战略室被废除,每个子公司的董事会都将对自己公司的高管进行人事改组。三星集团的官网和客也将关闭。 /201703/497388。

The rumor mills are on the roll regarding the upcoming iPhone. We have seen a lot of leaks and rumors for the iPhone 8 and will continue to hear about it till the phone gets launched officially — probably sometime in September.现在,各种有关即将发布的新iPhone的流言可谓滚滚而来。我们已经看过许许多多关于iPhone 8的泄露和流言了,而且在它正式公布(大概是九月份的某个时候)之前还会继续听到更多的流言。A new leak reiterates what we aly expect to be packed into the device — the iPhone 8 could feature wireless charging.日前,一张新的泄露图重新确认了这款设备将会加入一项我们所期待的内容--iPhone 8可能会用上无线充电技术。The phone#39;s schematics, leaked via @OnLeaks show that the next iPhone could feature wireless charging. We can easily spot the rounded surface at the back of the device, indicating that there should be a conductive surface to charge the device.从OnLeaks公布的泄露示意图来看,下一代iPhone将会具备无线充电技术。我们能很容易地辩认出它背面那块圆形区域,指示的应该就是用来无线充电的区域。Apart from that, the schematics also shows that the two cameras on the back are placed vertically, with an LED flash sitting in middle of the two camera modules.此外,该示意图同样展示了背部的双摄像头是竖直排布的,而LED闪光灯放置在两个摄像头中间的位置。The bottom of the device confirms that we are not going to see a 3.5mm headphone jack in this iPhone as well — another sign of Apple#39;s continued courage.该设备的底部也实了这款iPhone同样不会具有3.5毫米耳机插口--这也是显示苹果仍很有勇气的另一个标志。The leaked image does not show the Apple touch ID module at the back of the device, as rumored earlier. This could mean that the company has found a solution to integrate Touch ID into the display itself, a significant achievement.该泄露图并没有显示出之前传言所说的Touch ID被放到了设备背面,这有可能说明他们解决了把Touch ID整合进屏幕里的问题,这可是个了不起的成就。Keeping with the trend, Apple is believed to remove the physical button from the iPhone#39;s front screen and will also extend the screen to the edges. It is also speculated that Apple could move away from the 16:9 display ratio.为了顺应潮流,人们相信苹果会把iPhone的正面物理按键去掉,并且会把屏幕扩展到边缘。此外有推测称,苹果会抛弃16:9的屏幕比例。According to reports, the iPhone 8 will mark the tenth-anniversary of the iPhone and will be accompanied alongside the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus. The Apple#39;s iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus will bring minor hardware upgrades. All three iPhones are said to run iOS 11, which is expected to a prominent refresh as well.据报道,iPhone 8将会标志着iPhone十周年,同时iPhone 7s和iPhone 7s Plus也将会随之发布。苹果iPhone 7s和iPhone 7s Plus会带来少量的硬件升级。这三款iPhone都会运行iOS 11系统,该系统也很可能具有重大更新。 /201705/507662。